Teddy Care Curriculum

The Teddy Care Curriculum has been devised to strengthen Early Childhood Learning in the United States. The curriculum is aligned to the US Common Core Standards providing a comprehensive yet fun way of learning to ensure a smooth transition into elementary education.

For ages 12 months to six years of age, the Teddy Care Curriculum prepares all children for Kindergarten; with the Preschool Curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Both the Toddler and Preschool Curricula encompass six trans-content learning areas including (1) Language Arts & Development, (2) Socio & Emotional Development, (3) Numeracy Knowledge & Skills, (4) Creative Arts, (5) Science Knowledge & Skills and (6) Motor Skills.


"I have been working with the Teddy Care Curriculum for a few months now and absolutely love it.

The daily and weekly activity guides as well as the Parent Guides, are fantastic. The program is very easy to use, since everything is completely laid out and explained in detail.
My daycare children and parents are fascinated with the program, because it can be used for different ages, yet prepares the children perfectly for Kindergarten.

Even when I create a minor 'mess' with the paperwork, it is easy to put everything back together since it is all numbered and referred to in the activity guides.

I would recommend this program to everyone who teaches children".
- Ms. Isolde Marie Preusser

About Us

The Teddy Care Curriculum has been devised by a team of academics and professors specializing in early childhood education. The curriculum is based on research and incorporates play, objective and inquiry based learning; building on the foundations of various theories and approaches including the Montessori approach.

We believe that parent interaction and involvement are essential in the development of knowledge and skills and encourage all parents to take an active role in their child's education. This will set the pattern for later years, when parent involvement becomes an integral part in any child's education.

We believe that the Teddy Care Curriculum is the "First Step to a Brighter Education" allowing every child the opportunity to establish a firm foundation for an enthusiasm to learn in a fun way.